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I had a pretty severe stroke at the fifty seven - twelve years ago. I lost a lot of the use on my right hand side and have had to opt for supporting a Parish Priest, as a curate, instead.

I, first, came across the system by a few people in The Rehabilitation Institute, Dun Laoighre - I have never looked back.

John, Martin and Sarah in DataTrust / Digital Voice have really impressed me with their patience and energy in getting me up to speed on it. Patience is the key to a lot of things in life - Voice Recognition is certainly one!

You need a good support / training company to get you started - I am very, very please with the Service & Support of the DataTrust Team.

Fr. Cornelius Greene, Curate

I have to admit I was a bit of a Luddite when it came to the Computer. I knew how to use the packages, from UCD, but the brain watched as the fingers kept trying to catch up.

There's a lot of Text in a lot of these Plans and a fair amout of eMail to send as well.

A Sales Rep from a Dutch Farm Equipment Suppliers recommended that I have a look.

I still use the Mouse and Keyboard to control the Computer itself but I use Dragon for the Typing. I bought it off the Shelf, first but you really do need somebody that knows the product to spend a few hours with you. There's only one way of getting it working right and probably hundreds of causing it ( and yourself ) problems. I got Dave froM DataTrust to give me a few hours training and haven't looked back. It's Great.

Pat O'Shea, REPS Planner

It can often be difficult to get work done during the day in a busy Legal Practice. Accordingly, I have a habit of working on, in the evenings and on Saturday mornings. As for Work-Life Balance I get it back in that during the 40 Hour Week I am more "On Top Of Things" and relaxed.

Only difficulty with doing evenings and Saturday is that, by now, the Secretary is gone home. All I can do, up to 18 Months ago, was Dictate to Tape ( even Memos to File ! ) and wait for the Secretary to get through the Work on Monday.

I was very, very dubious about using Speech Recognition, at the start, - especially being on a very, very shaky footing on how to use the PC in the first place!

That was where I started from - I had to become very comfortable in the use of Windows and Word. I found this to be the slowest part. ( I was surprised that the lads in DataTrust didn't give up on me at this juncture! Thnaks for sticking with me Lads! )

I then got Dragon 9 ( I'm now on Dragon 11.0 ) and, slowly and surely, I got to the point of where I am today. I do all my own typing ( effectively ). I still need my Assisstant for File Management etc. but I can totally complete tasks when I'm here outside of hours.

Another benefit is that, traditionally, I would only do Memo to Files on pretty important details / events - now I do them for everything - so I have very comprehensive history of the activity on the matter.

Takes a bit of Work to get started but well, well worth it. Good mic and Training are key.

David O'Sullivan,

We are a NFP ( Not For Profit ) Organisation. We are based in Tallaght Village and we currently have, over a hundred, regular / irregular Service Users.

We came across the idea of Digital Speech Recognition at a Conference in Birmingham in October 2008.

I engaged DataTrust to get us up and running, on a pilot basis, initially and then moved onto adapting it to enable some of our Service Users.

On the whole, it has been a great, great success.

As you can imagine, there is a Learning Curve - John and Dave from DataTrust stuck with us, and with each individual case, right through to completion.

Thanks DataTrust - We're happy customers! You have our recommendation!



Eli Clabby, Southside Disability Partnership


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Fusce vestibulum aliquam risus a sagittis. Donec tincidunt neque pretium dui blandit vel semper magna auctor. Aenean eget quam at purus adipiscing consectetur. View our products »