Digital Dictation Solutions

Our range of Professional Digital Dictation Recording and Transcription Systems offer the perfect combination of Dictation Device, Microphone and Transcription Facility allowing for communication of crystal clear, noise-cancelled compressed dictation to be transferred between Author and Transcriber, over the network or via e-mail, allowing for Improved Workflow and Increased Efficiency. View our products »

Speech Recognition Solutions

Imagine being able to open applications, create documents and spreadsheets, read and reply to e-mail, search the web, schedule meetings and much, much more simply by speaking? Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the world's Fastest and Most Accurate Speech Recognition Solution. It's many times faster than typing whilst delivering up to 99% accuracy. The availability of medical and legal vocabularies ensures that Dragon NaturallySpeaking is well prepared for the specific terminologies of these professions. View our products »

The Whole Solution – A Synergy

Have you gone and bought the Hardware and Software and are still waiting on Results? Are you stuck with what to do or how to do it? Maybe you simply need some speech accuracy help or advice for small business speech automation? At DataTrust, we measure success by actual User Productivity Results i.e. the user enjoying continuing productivity benefits from utilisation of the Solution far into the future beyond the Sale Point – not by closing a Sale! Your Success is Our Success!

Latest News

December 30 2016 - Proof that Nuance Works!
Some statistics from Medical Practives and their Managers that Nuance Voice Recognition delivers results!
July 15, 2016 - Nuance User Management Centre
Central user administration for Dragon Group products
Sept 15 2016 - Dragon Pro Individual Ver 15
Next generation speech engine with Deep Learning - even faster and more accurate than ever.
30th April 2012 - Pro R4 Product End Of Life
Software Support for DS and AS-4000 ceasing on 30th April 2012
18th Aug, 2010 - NaturallySpeaking Ver 11 released
Improved accuracy and faster performance with an intuitive new interface,Naturally Speaking 11 has arrived!
24th January 2011 - Dragon Medical version 11 released
Latest version of the medical desktop, real-time speech recognition software was released today.

Our Client Testimonials

I do all my own typing! Once, if I worked on a Saturday morning; I would dictate to Tape and my Secretary would process on Monday. Now, I send eMails, add Memos to Files etc. MYSELF! David O'Sullivan,
We engaged DataTrust to deliver Speech Recognition Solutions to several of the consumers of our Service. Well Done Guys . . . Eli Clabby, Southside Disability Partnership
I used to hate the computer. REPS planners work against a lot of Department / EU Deadlines. That's when I encountered the Computer as a total Bottle Neck. Made a big difference. Pat O'Shea, REPS Planner