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As a Nuance Accredited Dragon Partner and Olympus Pro Line Dealer DataTrust is your single source provider of hardware, software, and real human support to bring the science fiction of speech recognition and Digital Dictation into a day-to-day reality. DataTrust offers the full suite of Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking software, as well as the Full Range of the Olympus Professional Digital Dictation Recorders and Transcription Kits. However, acquiring the latest and greatest hardware and software is only one part of the Solution; it is essential that the Human Component, the Operator, of the Solution is skilled to use the Solution to its optimum –DataTrust provide a Full Service, Support and Training Portfolio.Nuance Professional Dictation Solutions

Have a unique need? We hear this all of the time and provide complete solutions from the large enterprise down to the SME Consumer. Customized or off-the-shelf, we have the software and hardware needed to meet the needs of the legal, medical, SME/Enterprise, physically disabled and transcription speech recognition markets.

We know that Speech Recognition Solutions, in particular, have suffered a lot of “Bad Press”, in the past.  In fact, the return rates for Speech Recognition Products bought off the Shelf in big chain stores are startling, at over 60%! The Successful delivery of a Speech Recognition Solution depends totally on the associated training. Every day we are proving that enabling speech recognition services on your PC will simplify your PC experience totally, delivering an incredible productivity boost, to the point that you may not be willing to use a PC without these services. Our experience shows us that once the Solution is in use; it becomes as indispensible as the Mouse and Keyboard – in fact, we know of some Users who could happily operate by Voice without these items! We also know that getting everything up and running for the first time or dealing with new software patches and other issues can be a challenge – this is where you need the support of Datatrust .

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Our Client Testimonials

I used to hate the computer. REPS planners work against a lot of Department / EU Deadlines. That's when I encountered the Computer as a total Bottle Neck. Made a big difference. Pat O'Shea, REPS Planner
We engaged DataTrust to deliver Speech Recognition Solutions to several of the consumers of our Service. Well Done Guys . . . Eli Clabby, Southside Disability Partnership
From Lectio Divina Evening Classes, Sermons, Parish School Work etc. the modern priest's life revolves a lot around the keyboard. Fr. Cornelius Greene, Curate