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The days of Tape-Based Dictation Machines are over. Tape-Based machines were a nightmare:

“The tape is broken again!”
“My recorder has broken down!”
“Oh! No! – I’ve just erased the Full Day’s Dictation from yesterday and haven’t transcribed it.”
“I can’t find the tape with THAT dictation on it!”

However, these desperate cries continue to be heard in offices still using Tape-Based Dictation.

Tape based dictation was based on a few uncomfortable realities:

  • The machines were expensive to buy and to maintain
  • Tapes were on order from suppliers continuously
  • Sound quality was really poor ( getting worse with re-use of tapes )
  • and As for dictating while on the road – forget about it!

Digital Dictation does away with the use of Tape – in fact, there are not many moving parts. Where you have no moving parts you have a low-maintenance long life solution.

The Digital Dictation Machine is, in fact, very, very similar to the Digital Camera. As the Digital Camera stores photographs as Files on the Camera’s Memory Card; The Digital Voice Recorder stores the Recorded Dictation as File(s) on its Memory Card(s).

The flexibility allowed with photographs because of the stored Photograph being a File also occurs with Dictation – the Dictation can be eMailed, Copied, Uploaded etc. etc.

The Solicitor, Barrister, Medical Consultant etc. recording Dictation, here in Ireland, could be having it Transcribed, less than two minutes later, in New Zealand, India etc.

The process begins when the author dictates into, either, a mobile handheld device or a fixed microphone digital voice recorder, identical to way they would dictate into any Tape-Based-Handheld Voice Recorder. The beauty of a true digital dictating machine is that this can be edited, overwritten or added to at any time. When finished, the author simply uploads the files from their digital voice recorder to their computer, via USB – this process is identical to how the Photographs are uploaded from the Digital Camera’s Memory to the User’s Computer. Better again, this process can even be automated to always automatically save the recording into a particular folder, on the computer / network, or automatically eMailed, in encrypted format, to a preferred Transcription Destination.

When the transcriptionist receives an encrypted e-mail they can immediately tell who it was sent from, when it was recorded, and how long the recording time is. As well as that, the author can electronically assign different priority levels to the dictation to control the transcriptionist’s workflow. Once the file is brought into the PC transcription system the transcriptionist can then manipulate the digital voice file with the foot pedal. From there, everything works just as it does on a regular tape transcriber. The foot pedal controls movements through the voice file just like moving through a conventional tape. The transcriptionist enjoys features not found on a tape transcriber machine, including being able to move immediately to certain points in the dictation with no time delay and usually far greater control over the speed of the playback. After finishing transcribing the files, the transcriptionist simply e-mails the finished typing, as an attachment (digitally signed and encrypted, of course), back to the author's office for filing or printing there.

A Digital Voice Recorder For Any Application and Budget!

Digital Voice Recorders typically come in a wide range of models – from very basic Personal Digital Notetakers all the way up to the most Advance Digital Voice Recorder with Slide (Function) Switch Control and Biometric Unlocking of Encrypted Dictation Files. Accordingly, the prices can range from sub €100.00 up to over €500.00.

Please Consult the Model Comparison Spreadsheet on our Resources Page for further Information.

When it comes choosing the Digital Voice Recorder, then there are a number of factors that need to be considered. Some for example have buttons that need to be pressed, which may be considered awkward if you are used to using the analogue tape based systems with the slider switch on the side.

Many have various folders which can be used - so ,for example, the Author could have folder A for Work Notes, folder B for Dictation, folder C for Reports etc. Most Digital Voice Recorders will also allow the Author to edit the recordings before transferring them. For instance, consider the common difficulty of needing to add additional dictation, at the end, something that should have been in the third paragraph? The Author can, now, insert the extra bit exactly where they want it, without overwriting their work!

Another factor to be considered, in determining suitability, is the compatibility and appropriateness of the included software for the particular application. Obviously, there’s a big difference between using the digital voice recorder on a one to one basis, ie one author to one secretary as opposed to a situation where you may have several authors to one secretary, or many authors to a typing pool of secretaries, then the more professional systems would be better, these can be purchased from around 300 per user.

Another option to consider is the method of transfer of the Digital Dictation Data on the from the Digital Voice Recorder to the Computer. All digital dictating machines will have USB cables that you can attach in order to connect to the PC for transfer the Dictation Files, however for a regular user this can become a chore. Therefore the Author might need to look at options that included a Docking Station which may / may not be included in the package. Also many of the professional Digital Voice Recorder can have their rechargeable batteries charged up whilst in the docking station.

The benefits to you and your organisation in using digital dictation are immense. Call DataTrust today and we will be happy to discuss your options.


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I do all my own typing! Once, if I worked on a Saturday morning; I would dictate to Tape and my Secretary would process on Monday. Now, I send eMails, add Memos to Files etc. MYSELF! David O'Sullivan,
We engaged DataTrust to deliver Speech Recognition Solutions to several of the consumers of our Service. Well Done Guys . . . Eli Clabby, Southside Disability Partnership
I used to hate the computer. REPS planners work against a lot of Department / EU Deadlines. That's when I encountered the Computer as a total Bottle Neck. Made a big difference. Pat O'Shea, REPS Planner
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