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18th Aug, 2010 - NaturallySpeaking Ver 11 released

18th August, 2010 - NaturallySpeaking version 11 releasedNaturallySpeaking Version 11

From improved accuracy and faster performance, to an intuitive new interface, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 has been developed to let people spend more of their energy working and creating, rather than clicking and typing. Dragon 11 gives people a voice to perform almost any task on the computer to create documents, send emails, surf the Web, search Facebook and Twitter and interact with their favorite applications – at speeds up to three times faster than typing.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 delivers the incredible accuracy and speed that people have come to rely on from the Dragon family, and includes many more features to help people speak their minds:

At Home – Whether it’s capturing family stories, surfing the Web, updating a Facebook status or helping students cut homework time in half, Dragon NaturallySpeaking gives people an easy way to get more done in less time.

At Work – Dragon NaturallySpeaking allows busy professionals, students, teachers, writers and bloggers, to get their thoughts on paper as fast as they can speak them, including emails, documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

On the Go – Couple Dragon with a recording device and speak your notes, ideas and thoughts on the go. Dragon does the work later, transcribing the audio into text back at the PC.

Ahead of the launch of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11, Nuance introduced UK language versions of Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search for the highly desirable iPhone, iPad and iPhone, bringing the fun, convenience and accuracy of Dragon, to mobile device and users.

NaturallySpeaking Premium (previously known as 'Preferred') is available now with the Professional version shipping at the beginning of September 2010 - if you wish to register your interest in 'NaturallySpeaking Professional version 11' and wish be notified when this software starts shipping

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18th Aug, 2010 - NaturallySpeaking Ver 11 released
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I used to hate the computer. REPS planners work against a lot of Department / EU Deadlines. That's when I encountered the Computer as a total Bottle Neck. Made a big difference. Pat O'Shea, REPS Planner
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